Welcome to Detopia — Literally meaning ‘Decentralized Utopia’

Detopia started from a desire to empower others in the Web3 space by creating access to Crypto/ Defi knowledge through trusted research and education. We know that it can be overwhelming so we’ve created this platform to simplify complex concepts for you.

Detopia was born to empower & educate you through the Web3 space. We are here to make things simple.

Please note, that we are not qualified to give out financial advice. We are here to empower you to think for yourselves and find your niche in the space.

Our Road Map:

Seed Phase 🌰

Our ultimate goal is to become the go-to platform for Web3 Education

Sprout Phase 🌱

We will use Twitter & Medium as our main channels to begin our journey. We will release a mini series’ (Bite-Sized Content) tri-weekly and cover the following topics:

The series will be released intermittently, in other words, following no particular order. They will be short and simple, we are not here to make things more complicated. If you’re not new to space stay with us, we will post cheeky tips here and there.

Seedling Phase 🌱🌱

Alongside our Twitter series, we will begin to release useful ‘how-to videos on Youtube and Tiktok to get you started on a more practical level.

Sapling Phase 🍃

In this phase we will release the full extension of our Courses, we will cover everything decentralized from beginning to end to give you a concrete understanding of this rapidly growing space.

Treelet Phase 🌳

We will offer private consultations where we can cover core concepts, protocol walk-throughs and explanations:

*Please note, we will not cover anything that is considered financial advice

We cannot wait for you to join us on this journey — let’s get started!



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